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Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Kit Warranty Terms

Customer Warranty Claims

Because you, the customer, are performing the repair yourself rather than having a professionally trained iTech repair your device, you agree to accept all risk and liability when performing the repair and assume all responsibility in the event that your repair is unsuccessful.

If the customer's do it yourself repair is unsuccessful due to customer mistake, iCracked will offer the customer a 25% discount off of the purchase of a replacement screen which must be purchased from the website using a specific coupon code the customer must retrieve from an official iCracked customer service representative by emailing support@icracked.com or calling 1-877-700-0349.

In each case, the warranty claim request must be initiated by the original purchaser of the product from iCracked, who is able to provide proof of purchase.

If a DIY kit is returned to iCracked HQ for warranty evaluation, the customer is responsible for the cost of shipping the product to iCracked.

For warranty evaluation, your purchase must be returned directly to iCracked Inc., Warranty Department, 690 Broadway, Redwood City, CA 94063. All shipping to Warranty Department must be pre-paid and insured. iCracked Inc. cannot be liable for lost in-bound packages. California State law requires that products accepted for repair or return must be clean. Charges will be assessed if cleaning is necessary.

In the event that a customer purchases a do it yourself kit and brings it to a third party for installation, iCracked will not be responsible for the errors or omissions of that third party. This includes any technician or repair person outside of the iTech network. The warranty is valid only until the point that the protective films, holographic stickers, and/or adhesives are removed and the repair is commenced. Therefore, we encourage you to exercise caution when selecting someone to assist you with the repair.

In the case that the customer initiates the repair with a do it yourself kit and later requests an iTech to complete the repair, the warranty is limited to the parts purchased. Any customer efforts to repair the device that renders said device inoperable cannot be warrantied. Further, any attempt by an iTech to salvage a customer repair attempt shall be excluded from these warranty provisions.

Do It Yourself Kits Refund Policy

All of iCracked's do it yourself repair kits are non-refundable, unless the product is unopened, unused, and all parts and proprietary materials are in perfect condition. In the event that a customer wishes to return an unused do it yourself repair kit, iCracked will refund the customer the current production price, less a 15% restocking fee, once the do it yourself kit is received and inspected by iCracked headquarters Warranty Department.

This refund policy applies only to purchases direct from iCracked's website. If an iCracked do it yourself repair kit is purchased from a third-party reseller (not from this website), please contact the vendor to request a refund.

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