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I received my kit and don't think I have the right screen for my phone.

The easiest way to identify exactly what model iPhone, iPad or iPod that you have is to look for the model number on the back of the device. This model number will start with an A and is followed by four digits. You can search this model number on the web or reach out to iCracked Support and they can identify exactly what model phone you have.

If you did indeed order an incorrect screen, just send it back to us at HQ, include a note stating what you would like and we will happily switch it out for you depending on what model you need.

Note** Be sure to examine your screen and compare it to the one you have taken off of your phone. We cannot simply provide an exchange or a refund for a screen that has been used in a repair. If you have any questions about the compatibility of the screen assembly you purchased and the phone you have, get in contact with iCracked Support BEFORE you begin your repair. We cannot provide exchanges for screens that have already been installed, no matter how perfect the screen still looks.

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