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How long does a repair take?

A typical iCracked repair takes about 45 min to an hour but the length of time needed greatly depends on a number of factors. Depending on the model type, the iTech may require more time to complete a repair. For example, some iTechs do iPad repairs as an overnight process. The reason for this is to allow adequate time for the adhesive holding the new screen to the frame to cure properly. If an appropriate amount of time is not given, the screen very well may separate from the frame after a brief period of normal use.

The extent of damage can also directly affect the length of time a repair may take. If you need a new power volume flex cable or something more technical than your average screen replacement, the iTech may require more time to do this repair properly.

Specifically outlining your repair and length of time needed are both something we suggest speaking with your local iTech about when they initially reach out after the dispatch.

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