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What does your lifetime repair warranty not cover?

Our lifetime warranty does not cover:

  • Liquid damage repairs
    • Due to the fickle nature of liquid damage, we cannot warranty any liquid damage repairs, even if they are successful. There is no guarantee when it comes to a device that has liquid damage or how long it will last past the incident.
  • User-caused damage after the repair
    • We provide a lifetime warranty on all repairs because of our confidence in both our high-quality hardware, as well as our iTech's abilities to properly perform repairs. We cannot, however, use this warranty to cover further damage caused to a device by the customer after the repair because this is not a result of either the hardware being faulty/defective or the iTech improperly installing it.
  • Improper repair by someone other than an iTech or iCracked or use of any other product other than iCracked products after the repair
    • If your device shows evidence of having been tampered with or shows evidence of being damaged as a result of an additional repair or attempted repair after being serviced by an iTech or iCracked, then the warranty is void.
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