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How do I file a warranty claim for an iTech repair?

If your device should malfunction after a repair and you believe it is either the parts or labor that contributed to this malfunction, then please submit the Warranty Form.

Please read through the warranty to make sure your device doesn’t land outside the scope of our warranty. Situations that are not covered are, cracked screens, repairs done on devices with frame damage, that were previously opened by a non iCracked iTech, or had incurred water damage evident by the water indicator stickers located within the phone.

Once the form is submitted our warranty team will respond in less than 24 hours to verify all the information and may ask for photos to ensure no damage has occurred to the device post repair. Upon examination, if the part is found to be substandard it will be repaired or replaced at no charge. If we determine that user induced mishandling or tampering caused the issue, then we will not be able to provide a warranty repair free of charge.

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