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How does the On-Demand Process work?

Our most popular repair option is through our on-demand iTech service. iTechs are certified affiliates of iCracked who do repairs on a mobile basis in their local communities. In pursuing a repair of this sort, simply visit the home page and start a dispatch by inputting your location. The system will let you know if we have an iTech in your area and you can request a dispatch be sent out. Putting in a dispatch does not obligate you to any commitment, it simply allows the iTech in your area to give you a call or text to discuss availability, exact pricing and any other questions you may have!

Our on-demand services don't stop there! In addition to repair, iCracked also has a number of our iTechs certified to provide on-demand buy back. The same process would apply in terms of starting a dispatch but instead of choosing a repair, you would simply choose to sell your device. After filling out the information related to your device, you will submit the dispatch and an iTech will promptly reach out to you to talk about repairing your device.


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